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Curriculum Links

online tool designed to make curriculum mapping simple and easy

Curriculum Links Overview

Curriculum Links is a custom-built tool for curriculum mapping in higher education. Useful for both curriculum review and the development of new programs, it can gather information such as learning outcomes, teaching and learning activities, and student assessments. The tool allows for customizable program reports from aggregate data.

Easy step-by-step process

Easily follow the steps to set up a curriculum mapping project

Customizable program reports

Generate multiple reports using different subsets of the data

Individual course reports

Create individual course reports for instructors to analyze their courses

Flexible configuration

Customizable settings for your unique projects

How to use Curriculum Links

Create a new curriculum project

Administrator creates a new curriculum project and assigns courses to instructors.

Map courses to program

Instructors map their courses.

Generate reports

Administrators create reports using aggregated data.


Click here to learn more about curriculum review and development.

If you have questions about Curriculum Links, or if you are interested in using Curriculum Links for Non University of Calgary programs, please contact