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Undergraduate students

Explore high-quality research

Spark your curiosity as you participate in the process of discovery.

Take part in a summer studentship

Experience research outside the classroom through the PURE program.

Enhance your skill development

Engaging in undergraduate research can play a pivotal role in your professional and academic development and further develop your skills.

Discover your passion

Find undergraduate research opportunities on campus and create a plan to get involved with the research you are truly passionate about.

Enriching undergraduate learning, one research opportunity at a time

The Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning provides an array of diverse workshops and programs for undergraduate students. 

The College of Creativity, Discovery and Innovation (CDCI) is the student-facing unit in the Taylor Institute that brings the Undergraduate Research Initiative to UCalgary. Undergraduate research is a mentored investigation evolving a researchable question or questions conducted by an undergraduate student or group of students.

The CDCI creates unique opportunities for students to explore research interests and develop the abilities to collaborate, communicate, and think critically and creatively.

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Undergraduate Research Initiative

The College of Discovery, Creativity and Innovation's (CDCI) Undergraduate Research Initiative helps advance undergraduate research experiences across the UCalgary academic community. 


Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs) create high-quality research opportunities for students to determine a research trajectory, apply disciplinary approaches, and share their findings.

PURE Awards

PURE awards provide financial support to UCalgary undergraduates, making it possible for students to learn experiential skills from researchers about developing and conducting projects.

Ready for Research Badge Program

Get a digital badge — or micro-credential — for completing six workshop sessions that will prepare you to confidently participate in research within your undergraduate studies.