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Learning Module: Adaptable Course Design


3 open-access lessons

Time commitment

2 – 3 hours





In times of uncertainty and potential disruptions, instructors need strategies and forward thinking to maintain teaching and learning continuity. Adaptable course design takes into account the opportunities within a course that a variety of learning environments and technology have to offer to help with that continuity. 

You will be able to

  • Plan for potential disruptions to the semester and course delivery 

  • Maintain continuity in instruction, student learning and student assessment. 

  • Leverage learning technology to ensure smooth transitions between learning environments

In this module, you will find: 

  • 3 lessons
  • Individual workshops
  • Additional resources



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Lesson 1: Getting started with adaptable course design

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Lesson 2: Adapting course elements

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Lesson 3: Leveraging learning technology to support student learning experiences


Lorelei Anselmo

Learning and Instructional Design Specialist (Blended & Online Learning)

Haboun Bair 

Learning and Instructional Design Specialist 

Dr. Patti Dyjur, PhD

Academic Lead, Learning Technology & Design

Patrick Kelly 

Manager, Learning and Instructional Design 

Dr. Tyson Kendon, PhD

Learning Technology Specialist

Isadora Mok-Kulakova

Online Learning Environment Lead

D'Arcy Norman

Manager, Learning Technologies

Dr. Anna Pletnyova, PhD

Learning Technology Specialist

Kevin Saito

Lead Developer

Alysia Wright

Educational Development Consultant (Online & Blended Learning)

Lin Yu

Learning and Instructional Design Specialist

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Jessica Snow

Communications & Marketing Manager

Alix Redmond

Digital Content Specialist