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Mental health and wellness

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Emotional Wellness: Learning How to Be Attentive to Both Positive and Negative Feelings

Stress and struggles are inevitable and often manageable. However, what about those days when you feel rattled, anxious and unbalanced? This session increases awareness of how to maintain a sense of emotional wellness and contentment through intentional daily practices, relaxation techniques, resilience skills and lifestyle modifications.

Student Mental Health and Well-Being: Supportive Teaching and Learning Practices

The references in this document were found by conducting searches in Psychinfo and Eric databases. Key terms for the searches were divided into two categories. The first category identified five articles related to mental health, such as specific disorders (e.g., anxiety and depression), stress and test anxiety.

Eight Recommendations to Promote Student Learning and Well-Being During COVID-19

What can instructors do to support students in their learning, and their well-being in the upcoming academic year? This article provides eight ideas for instructors to consider in a remote teaching and learning environment. 

Mindfulness as a Coping Strategy in Times of Crisis

Dr. Linda Carlson defines mindfulness, gives research-based examples of how it can reduce stress and change your brain, and guides you through several mindfulness practices that can be beneficial in your everyday professional and personal life especially during times of crisis.