Taylor Institute Building

Dedicated to better understanding and improving learning

About the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning

The Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning is dedicated to better understanding and improving student learning. It is both a building and a community that extends well beyond the building’s walls.

The Taylor Institute brings together undergraduate inquiry and teaching and learning development and research under one roof. It supports building and sharing teaching expertise, integrating technologies and conducting inquiry to enhance student learning.

Through the College of Discovery, Creativity and Innovation, the Taylor Institute enables undergraduate students to conduct interdisciplinary research and inquiry-based and experiential learning.


Mission and vision

Together we are transforming how we teach and learn, and enriching the quality and breadth of learning.


Organizational chart

Learn more about the diverse team of experts and specialists at the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning.


Reporting and planning

Discover information about the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning through internal reports and plans.


The groundbreaking building

The Taylor Institute is the first building in Canada dedicated solely to improving postsecondary teaching and learning. It was designed with three guiding principles: flexibility, transparency and collaboration. It features three dynamic learning spaces that allow instructors to experiment. On the south side of the atrium, the forum features retractable seating that allows it to convert from a flat-floor learning space to a 340-seat public lecture space.

Contact us

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Email: taylorinstitute@ucalgary.ca  Phone: 403.220.3607