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Blended and online learning

Flanagan Foundation Initiative

A 3-year initiative dedicated to catalyzing high-quality blended and online learning opportunities at the University of Calgary.

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Learning Technology Coaches

Learning Technology Coaches support the implementation of learning technology tools as the campus community adapts to blended and online learning.

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1:1 consultations

We are available to support University of Calgary faculty, instructors and staff through one-on-one consultations.

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The Taylor Institute's Learning Technologies Group supports campus faculty and staff with meaningfully integrating technologies to enrich student learning in the classroom, online and in blended formats.

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What is blended and online learning?

Blended and online learning provides a wide-range of high-quality learning experiences opportunities in post-secondary institutions. The flexibility in the approach, the applicability of varied pedagogical frameworks, and the creativity in design models makes blended and online learning an innovative approach for delivering high-quality learning experiences to students regardless of where they are in the world.

Definitions from the University of Calgary Registrar:

  • Online: A course that is delivered in a digital, internet-based learning environment. 

  • Blended: A blended course means that it includes both in-person and online meetings. 

  • Synchronous: A component is scheduled at specific times. You must participate or engage at the scheduled time(s). 

  • Asynchronous: A component is not scheduled at a specific time; therefore, you may engage with the course material at a time that is convenient for you.  

  • Hybrid: Hybrid course components have both synchronous and asynchronous meetings. 

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Programs and resources

Blended and Online Learning Resources

The Taylor Institute Resource Library features a variety of open-access resources on blended and online learning.

Guiding Principles of Blended and Online Course Design

The principles in this resource have been curated from current research and scholarship about effective blended and online course design.

Learning Module: Blended Learning

This online module includes four examples of blended learning models that can be used in diverse teaching and learning contexts.

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Teaching Online Program

The Teaching Online Program (TOP) is an immersive, fully online program for instructors who want to enhance their online teaching and learning skills. 

Blended and Online Workshop Series

The Blended and Online Workshop Series (BOWS) are sets of interactive workshops that focus on pedagogy and practice of blended and online learning.

Certificates in University Teaching and Learning

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Graduate students, postdoctoral scholars and academic staff are invited to explore the foundations of blended and online learning pedagogy, engage with blended and online course design models and learning technologies, and expand their teaching practices.

Community of Practice for Large Online Enrolment Courses

This community of practice is a participant-driven online space dedicated to sharing experiences, strategies, and resources among academic staff and instructors who teach online large enrolment courses.

Learning Technology Forum

The Learning Technology Forum is a space to share different ways we use learning technology as a part of our teaching and learning in the University of Calgary community and to connect with other members of the community.