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Learning Technology Coaches

How we can help

Here are some ways that the coaches can support you:

  • Developing a D2L course shell, such as creating discussion boards, setting up the grades tool and organizing content
  • Setting up quizzes, rubrics and drop boxes for course assignments
  • Recording lectures in YuJa or PowerPoint
  • Assisting instructors in scheduling and running Zoom sessions, such as troubleshooting issues, scheduling, recording, and creating breakout groups
  • Creating resources, materials, and guides for using learning technology tools
  • Providing orientation to learning technology for students at the start of the course
  • Managing your course through TopHat

Use the webform below to book an appointment with a tech coach. Faculty-specific coach email addresses will be discontinued at the end of January, 2022.

More support 

We have extensive online resources on YuJa, Zoom, D2L and TopHat available at 

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