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Curriculum Review and Development

The Taylor Institute supports both curriculum review and development through consultation and resources.

The ultimate aim of curriculum development and review is to enhance student learning and experiences. Whether you are designing a new program or reviewing an existing one, the Taylor Institute provides resources and consultative expertise to support your project.

Curriculum Review

Curriculum review (CR) is the critical examination of academic programs to optimize student learning experiences. It is part of the University of Calgary’s Quality Assurance Review process.

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Curriculum Development

Curriculum development consultations focus on developing high-quality learning outcomes, effective alignment of programs and courses, and curriculum mapping to visually identify program priorities, strengths and areas for further development.

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The Taylor Institute has created Guides and Handouts to support groups with Curriculum Review and Curriculum Development at the University of Calgary.

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We learned a great deal through the curriculum review process and are now having regular departmental retreats to facilitate communication. We have an action plan in place, and all of our faculty members are committed to taking part to promote our students’ experiences and learning.

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