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Flanagan Foundation Initiative

A 3-year initiative dedicated to catalyzing high-quality blended and online learning opportunities at the University of Calgary.

Transforming blended and online learning

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic transformed how UCalgary delivered education. With six weeks left in the winter semester, the campus community transitioned 6,000 face-to-face courses into an online environment to ensure the safety of staff and students.

It is clearer than ever that UCalgary needs an integrated strategy for distance learning, one that is aligned with our vision, our principles and our foundational commitments. A $1 million gift from the Flanagan Foundation provided us with a unique opportunity to catalyze and set a bold new vision for blended and online learning on campus.

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Initiative overview

This initiative is dedicated to catalyzing engagement and innovation in blended and online learning across faculties at UCalgary over a three-year period from 2020-23.

This initiative builds on the strong foundation of blended and online learning at UCalgary and capitalizes on key learnings from the rapid transition to remote teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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3QTL, Three Questions About Teaching and Learning, is a podcast series of short interviews designed to inspire creativity and innovation in post-secondary education. Through conversations with experts from across disciplines, each season of 3QTL tackles a different, timely topic related to teaching and learning in post-secondary.

Hosted by blended and online learning Educational Leader in Residence, Dr. Derritt Mason, PhD.


Innovator/Educator is a series of videos featuring educators who embraced innovation and creativity in blended and online learning as a result of the challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. The fundamental shift in the way educators teach continues to inform and modify post-secondary classrooms moving forward.

Created by blended and online learning Educational Leader in Residence Dr. Corey Flynn, PhD.


Build expertise and leadership in online and blended learning

Bring together an interdisciplinary cohort of instructors across faculties to develop 15 – 20 new, high-quality online courses each year.

Contribute to research related to innovation and creativity in online and blended learning

Investigate and report on the impacts of COVID-19 on learning innovations in courses across disciplines.

Strengthen resources, supports and initiatives

Promote research-informed practices for meaningfully engaging and assessing students in blended and online formats, including the development of robust open-access resources, workshops and communities of practice.

Strengthen blended and online learning mentorship and leadership networks

Share knowledge and expertise in online and blended learning across disciplines.

Inform blended and online learning strategies, policies, structures and processes

Support the integration of quality online and blended courses and programs at an institutional level.

Measuring impact


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Large Enrollment Online Learning Community of Practice

This community of practice is a participant-driven online space dedicated to sharing experiences, strategies and resources among instructors who teach blended and online large enrollment courses. The CoP is open to instructors who are actively or previously taught classes of 50 or more students.

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Lessons Learned Report

Higher education was impacted by the switch to emergency remote teaching, a transition necessary to continue instruction while assuring safety for educators and students due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At UCalgary, these disruptions and shifts caused us to ask, “What lessons have we learned through teaching and learning during the global pandemic and where do we go from here?”

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Educational Leaders in Residence

The University of Calgary Educational Leaders in Residence program ignites change to advance strategic institutional teaching and learning priorities.

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Support and resources

Academic Staff Certificate

Academic Staff Certificate - Blended and Online Learning course

Explore the foundations of blended and online learning pedagogy, engage with blended and online course design models and learning technologies, and expand your teaching practices.

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Blended and Online Workshop Series

The Blended and Online Workshop Series (BOWS) are sets of interactive workshops that focus on pedagogy and practice of blended and online learning. Each workshop creates informal opportunities for focused blended and online teaching development and connections with academic staff from various disciplines. 

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Guiding Principles of Effective Blended and Online Course Design

The following principles are intended to spark conversation about blended and online learning and introduce practical strategies for consideration.

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Research Snapshots

Explore our research through easy-to-access research snapshots in the resource library.

Learning modules

Learning modules

Explore open-access learning modules on designing online courses, developing online assessments, managing team projects, adaptable course design, and blended learning.

Online learning


Explore in-depth, how-to resources on D2L, YuJa, TopHat and Zoom developed by the Learning Technologies group at the Taylor Institute.

Awards and funding opportunities

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Investigate the impacts of COVID-19 on teaching and learning in higher education

The University of Calgary Teaching and Learning Grants accept proposals from UCalgary scholars interested in enhancing student learning experiences through the integration of teaching, learning and research. Take a scholarly approach to investigate an emerging topic or trend in online, blended or remote teaching due to the COVID-19 pandemic.