Innovation and Development

We foster innovation in the design and integration of learning spaces and technologies to enrich teaching and learning. See how online applications such as UCalgary Badges and Curriculum Links are changing the way we teach and learn. 

Software Development

We can create a full range of tools, from prototypes to explore better ways to teach specific concepts, to campus-wide tools to transform how faculties document and manage their curricula.

UCalgary Badges

UCalgary Badges is a platform developed by the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning for issuing digital badges.

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Curriculum Links

Curriculum links is an online application for curriculum mapping in higher education.

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Student Signup Manager

Student Signup Manager is an extension of D2L and helps instructors manage student signup for topics or projects.

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TI Draw

TI Draw is an online whiteboard application for use on the 55" collaboration carts in our building.

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