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Learning technologies

Technology helps enable, extend and amplify highly engaging course experiences. It has the potential to transform the practices of teaching and learning.

Campus platforms and technologies

Collaborate with campus partners to manage and support the use of key online learning platforms.

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Innovation and development

Foster innovation through the design and integration of technologies and learning spaces to enrich teaching and learning.

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Book a consultation

Consultations can help you identify and achieve specific goals in relation to learning technologies and teaching and learning.

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Find a workshop

Explore current learning technologies workshops offered by the Taylor Institute.

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Meaningfully integrate technologies to enrich student learning

The Taylor Institute's Learning Technologies Group supports campus faculty and staff with meaningfully integrating technologies to enrich student learning in the classroom, online and in blended formats. 

We work closely with our partners across campus in the Office of the Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning), Information Technologies, Comm/Media, Facilities Management, faculties, departments and units to provide an integrated support framework. 

Learn about available learning technology tools and how to find technology-related support and guidance. Discuss project updates and governing decisions related to learning technology.

We can support you by: 

  • Providing training and assistance with our campus learning management system, D2L
  • Building capacity in the use of other university-approved software 
  • Creating opportunities for innovation and experimentation with new technologies

Online resources are available to help instructors and students to use campus technology platforms.

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Not sure where to start?

We invite you to consult with one of our Learning Technology Coaches. These coaches support the implementation of learning technology tools as the campus community adapts to blended and online learning. Coaches are available to provide hands-on support to academic staff with their courses, including integrating new learning technologies, developing a d2L course shell, quiz or discussion board, and helping with recording/editing a lecture.